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  • plant nursery Phoenix succulents
  • plant nursery Phoenix succulents
  • plant nursery Phoenix succulents
  • plant nursery Phoenix succulents
  • plant nursery Phoenix succulents
  • plant nursery Phoenix succulents
  • plant nursery Phoenix succulents
  • plant nursery Phoenix succulents
  • plant nursery Phoenix succulents
  • plant nursery Phoenix succulents
  • plant nursery Phoenix succulents
  • plant nursery Phoenix succulents

You May Also Request Plants Via my Website 

Please click 'Load More' on each page in the drop-down menu under the word Shop. Add to the

 cart and then copy and paste cart contents into an e-mail or send me URLs to the items that 

interest you (no payment system is connected to the cart). From your list, I will tell you the options I have available at the time of your inquiry.


The shopping cart is impossible to keep up with as plants change. I grow in trays and pot up by request.


 I also kindly ask you to not make a special request unless you are certain you will pick your plants 

up within two days. I have very limited space and lighting for potted gardens and special orders,

and it takes about an hour of work per bowl-sized planter. 

Current Pre-Potted Offerings are letgo,

but I am adding them to my website now (along with updating the rest of the website) and plan to eventually have them only on my website.


My letgo profile:


Potted Gardens and Individual Plants for Pick-Up

My focus is now on providing potted gardens (almost all are succulent arrangements) 

 and individual pre-potted plants for pick-up (by appointment) in my zipcode of 85023 (near I-17 and Greenway).

Meeting in the middle sometimes makes most sense. If the order size (perhaps for a group) is big enough, delivery might be possible.

  As my work phone is presently not working properly, please e-mail me to arrange a time, and keep in mind that I have

another business that I must work around.

The Shopping Cart is Useful for Creating a List to E-mail

The shopping cart is up for creating a list you can e-mail. A payment system is not connected, but after inventory is confirmed,

I can invoice you for payment.

Indoors Best

Keeping the plants indoors (near a window or other bright location, or under artificial light

about 12 hours a day if succulents) is ideal partly because I don't know how all of them can handle Arizona heat.  The thick-skinned ones like gasterias and some agaves can probably handle high heat better than most others.

Many feet away from an unscreened window is the only safe option for some succulents. Some tropicals like Chinese evergreen cannot be right next to an unscreened window even in the springtime; they are low light plants and can burn from the intensity of Arizona sun.

If you decide to attempt outdoors during the hot months (after they've matured), bright but full shade is the safest bet.


Young plants need more frequent but lighter watering. I water every 5-7 days in the cooler months and in an indoor growing

environment. Open windows (which equals lower humidity) and warmer weather shorten the cycle. 

                                 Flowers, Pesticide, and Bees                                  

I use organic fertilizers and have used a slow-releasing synthetic systemic pesticide that is said to last a year (This is the same kind  of pesticide that some major growers use, but they sell their plants without a warning that it kills bees, and if you care about our food supply, you will want to protect bees by not exposing bees to the pollen of such plants.) 

Please also keep plants out of reach of pets and children. (One customer looked it up and said it won't kill dogs, just make them a little sick if they eat too much of it.)  


I am also transitioning to the use of neem oil and other organic gardening methods in place of the synthetic pesticide. 


Because of the synthetic pesticide, if you buy my plants, you will need to 1) replace the soil which should shorten (to about a month, I would guess) the no-flowers-in-the-presence-of-bees time period as the plant will not continue absorbing the pesticide in my soil, 2) bring them indoors  just before and while the plants bloom, 3) cut the flower buds off if there is a chance that a bee could later come in contact with the pollen 4) grow my plants indoors for about the next six months (for a a few varieties/planters, a year).

Thank you!

Enter to Win a Free Young Opuntia 'Beavertail' Cactus! 

If you will come near to 85023 for pickup or would like one added to a delivery order (required order size depends on

your location and whether I am already going your direction), submit via the form below a list of the URLs of your favorite 

plants from my website to enter! Note: The cactus below is the most mature one I have of its kind, and I am keeping it since

it makes new pads for  you! I am giving away a young cactus that will someday look like this. 

Planter Options


2.5" diameter tan bioplanter with no drain

hole. There is a 50 cent charge for this planter.


2.5" diameter white plastic planter with drain holes. There is usually a 25 cent charge for this planter.


2.5" diameter terra cotta. There is a 50 cent charge for this planter.


These are listed in the shopping cart as 

"other 2-2.5" plastic." I will use

whatever I have available. This option is free.


 3.25 inch inner diameter, terra cotta (t.c.) colored plastic with drain holes.


4" diameter white plastic planter with drain holes. I think I set the price for this one at 35 cents.

The usable inner diameter of these plastic planters is about 5.5".  In the shopping cart, I will call them 5.5"green plastic and 5.5" t.c. plastic.


The usable inner diameter of these (plant fiber) bioplanters is about 5".  In the shopping cart, I will call them 5" t.c. bioplanter, 5" green bioplanter, and 5" yellow bioplanter.

  Pick Up or 



 Please e-mail me to arrange a pick up in or near to 85023

 (I-17 and 101).



By-Car Delivery

to Phoenix (AZ), Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, 

and more may be possible for group or other sizable orders.

By Mail

within Arizona may be possible in cool weather for some plants.

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