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 Thanks for the preview of your upcoming ORGANIC GARDENING ebook, Jennifer! You are a horticulturist Extraordinaire. You have excellently explained a tremendous amount of detail required for successful organic gardening. Your ebook will equally benefit both a novice and an experienced gardener. To all that purchase your ebook, "Happy gardening with Jennifer!"

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 "I can honestly say that none of

them even come close to the caliber

of work that Jennifer does."

Neighbors love my garden! This is a sample of what I hear regularly, and all are approximations from memory as well as volunteered. I never ask for their opinions.

"If I could, I would vote yours Garden of the Year! Seriously, you have it all going on!"

(Said in January, 2019)

""It's like a mini Amazon!"


I love all of your plants!"

"You've done a great job! Seriously, it's all beautiful!"

"I love your yard!"

(Waiving while driving by)

"This woman kept her plants alive this summer!" (Bragging to her family as they went for a walk)

"One of our neighbors on October 31 loved your garden and said she wants to come talk with you about your plants."

"I always look at your garden when I drive by, and I've been hoping to catch you while you are outside. I have a plant to give you!"

 Learn How to Grow Your Own Food Organically 

 in a Desert or Other Hot Climate 

-Phoenix, Arizona or Similar Area-

by Jennifer Everett

Updated June 10, 2019

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Ornamentals clearly benefit the planet (oxygen, wildlife habitat, and bees are three reasons that come to mind), but if you ask me, food is too infrequently planted in our yards. Edible plants are often quite ornamental plus they can nourish us better than what's available from stores if fertilized sufficiently and consumed quickly. That combination is what I believe makes edible landscaping a superior use of resources!


Though focused on hot, arid climates like the desert I live in, much of what I am writing in my organic gardening ebook can also be applied to edible gardening in more temperate or even cold climates.


For those in a climate like mine, with sufficient knowledge and effort, you truly can grow food (trees with edible foliage, fruit trees, leafy greens, vegetables, herbs, and fruiting plants) organically in even a supremely hot low desert summer! I am in Phoenix, Arizona (Phx, AZ) of Maricopa County, and the many sample photographs on this page are of my own organic vegetable garden--herbs, leafy greens, vegetables, and fruit--from May, 2018 onward. Because space is supremely limited, my urban gardening area (a front yard instead of the usual backyard garden, and it receives many compliments from neighbors!) is about 150 square feet with about sixty of that in the form of a raised bed. The rest is in containers.


Even with my small amount of space, organic vegetable/edible gardening has been well worth the time spent given the knowledge for making it work. I have also simplified my life by not spending time on elaborate meals. I would much rather focus on growing super fresh nutritious food. 

With your own organic edible garden, you can take control of many of the variables that affect the quality of your food. If you begin to grow food for yourself or your family, you'll know what you put into the soil (such as organic fuller spectrum fertilizers and microbes for making nutrients available to plants), what you didn't (the bad stuff), and you can consume your food within minutes of harvest--for far higher nutrient density--instead of days, weeks, or months. It will be fresher and may be tastier or more tender (especially if given the right array and quantity of nutrients in the right growing season), you may be able to grow food that is not easily found in stores, and it won't be sprayed with who knows what (pesticides, fungicides, herbicides) or touched by countless hands by the time you bring it home. You can choose a better hose and minimize the transfer of plastic chemicals to your garden--unlike on some farms where no thought has been given to such sources of endocrine-disrupting phthalates and more (they can even be present in organic foods)--and you can filter out some of the undesired components of tap water.

The temperature in 2018 near my home rose to 118 at the highest and hovered around 110 for most of July. Conversely, the last two summers in Arizona gave us many 120+ days. Most of the information in my organic gardening ebook can be most easily be applied to a number of parts of Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, and more. If I can grow well in Phoenix, Arizona (a true desert), you who are in cooler climates with more rainfall can do it even better! 100-degree summers would be a breeze compared to ours as 100-degree heat (perhaps up to 105) is what many people are thinking of for heat-tolerant plants. My plants really don't mind the 100-degree range. Stress seems to kick in when the heat hovers around 110 for a long while.

Regarding winters, we rarely get freezing weather, and it's usually only for 1-3 hours in the middle of the night. During longer freezes, measures will need to be taken to insulate more of your plants.

The upfront cost of my project was about $1,000. Watering, fertilizer, additional seeds or plants, pesticides, fungicides, and time are the primary other costs. 

This is my first edible garden and was started around March 1st. It has been said that I have a green thumb, but I say I have a researcher’s nature and patience. I learn what is needed to keep plants happy, I study my plants, and I ask lots of questions. I regularly (every few days, at least--usually while I am watering) take note of what’s going well, what looks a little less than perfect and of the unknowns like new insects. This allows me to catch problems in the early stages and resolve them in time.


Successful gardening also takes nurturance; so, I have to gently warn that if you have many projects far more important than your garden (for the food and education it provides), it will probably fail. This has to be your baby. You are the parent responsible for birthing it and raising it. Nature won't always “do its thing” in your favor--in a desert or anywhere else. The watering amount has to be right, the light, the nutrient levels, the soil type, the temperature, the pruning, the insect control, and more. These things take attention to detail, love, and a good measure of time with more in the beginning as you are learning.

The goal of my ebook is to greatly shorten the learning curve for you with details galore! I will cover suppliers (at least one is local to the Phoenix metropolitan area), products, raised bed and container gardening, soil, watering, pruning, heirlooms, what to plant and when to plant, productive and fast growing varieties, heat and drought tolerant plants for summer growing, insect and disease management, when to harvest, flavor profiles, plant dimensions, how much to plant, vermicomposting, fertilizer, light requirements, and more. Preorder your ebook on organic edible/vegetable gardening today by clicking this link or scrolling to the top of the right column.

There is also the option of consulting as a follow-up to the ebook if you end up wanting even more specific information or perhaps research done for you. My rate as a consultant or researcher by e-mail is $40/hour--with help available in increments of 15 minutes. 

I also have handmade wood and hemp cord trellises in various dimensions as well as 6-foot-tall (5' of usable space) bamboo trellises available locally for small or lightweight vining vegetables and fruit such as cucumbers, melons, and small squash. 

Please enjoy the photo galleries of my garden below (click a photo for a little information about it), and let me know when you are ready to learn grow your own food, Arizona (plus Texas, California, Nevada, New Mexico and others)!

My Organic Edible / "Vegetable" Garden in Phoenix, Arizona - Sample Photo Set #8

My Organic Edible / "Vegetable" Garden in Phoenix, Arizona - Sample Photo Set #7

My Organic Edible / "Vegetable" Garden in Phoenix, Arizona - Sample Photo Set #6

My Organic Edible / "Vegetable" Garden in Phoenix, Arizona - Sample Photo Set #5

My Organic Edible / "Vegetable" Garden in Phoenix, Arizona - Sample Photo Set #4

My Organic Edible / "Vegetable" Garden in Phoenix, Arizona - Sample Photo Set #3

My Organic Edible / "Vegetable" Garden in Phoenix, Arizona - Sample Photo Set #2

My Organic Edible / "Vegetable" Garden in Phoenix, Arizona - Sample Photo Set #1

Organic Edible/Vegetable Gardening

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The first 400 preorders get it at $15 using discount code, FundlyDiscount.

Pre-Order Your Ebook | Learn to Grow Your Own Food Organically in a Desert...

Pre-Order Your Ebook | Learn to Grow Your Own Food Organically in a Desert...

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Said a neighbor,

~ Your handmade shade structures held up to four monsoons--some of which broke trees in half or uprooted them all over the city. I watched them

through my window, and they kept standing!

You did a great job!

Made-on-Demand Unfinished Wood & Hemp Trellises | 6' or 8' Tall, Various Widths

Made-on-Demand Unfinished Wood & Hemp Trellises | 6' or 8' Tall, Various Widths


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