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  • Full Title That Wouldn't Fit in the Required Field Above: Learn How to Grow Your Own Food Organically in a Desert or Other Hot Climate (Phoenix, Arizona or Similar Area) ​by Jennifer Everett


    The main introduction to my ebook is found here: 



    The short version follows:

    I've successfully grown a substantial amount of my own food (vegetables, fruit, herbs, trees) in a small space this year and in one of the hottest climates--Phoenix, Arizona--from spring through summer and then winter and am now writing an ebook on organic gardening to help save you the many hundreds of hours I've put into learning this skill.


    Click this link from a computer for many more photographs from my upcoming ebook, but be sure to give the page about two minutes to load. It is not a mobile friendly website. http://www.jeplants.com/learn-how-to-grow-own-food-desert


    My guess is that my ebook will be at least 200 pages and possibly even over 400. The goal of my ebook is to greatly shorten the learning curve for you with details galore! I want to provide enough information that you can get the ball rolling rapidly when (in perhaps the fall of 2019 or early 2020) you're ready to begin your garden. I will cover suppliers (at least one is local to the Phoenix metropolitan area), products, raised bed and container gardening, soil, watering, pruning, heirlooms, what to plant and when to plant, productive and fast growing varieties, heat and drought tolerant plants for summer growing, insect and disease management, when to harvest, flavor profiles, plant dimensions, how much to plant, vermicomposting, fertilizer, light requirements, and more. 


    Whether you're wanting to start gardening this year or at a future time, what I'd like for all to know is that your preorders will help to free up more of my time to write! A tremendous number of hours has been put into my ebook already, but there are plenty more to go. Please consider sharing this link: http://www.jeplants.com/learn-how-to-grow-own-food-desert.


    The preorder price on my website has been set to $30. But the early bird gets the worm. So, I now have a special preorder pricing code (drops the price to $15) on my Fundly page for the first 400 preorders! The discount code to enter on the checkout page of my website is FundlyDiscount.


    Lastly, my Fundly page has a donation option for those who have no intention of growing their own food but wish to support my work regardless. Any amount can be gifted. Just type in your number of choice. https://fundly.com/help-me-write-my-organic-gardening-ebook



    P.S.  Though focused on hot climates, much of what I will write can also be applied to gardening organically in more temperate or even cold climates.


    P.P.S. The initial download link that will be e-mailed to you will only have the book cover and remain viable for 30 days, but once the book is written, I can manually resend the link. The book will be broken into smaller files, perhaps by chapter, and will likely be Zipped with WinZip or similar program. I expect that they will also be large files from the number of photographs; so, computer viewing is probably ideal. 

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